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Life can be incredibly challenging, and I understand this firsthand. To provide practical and sensible guidance, I am introducing Skinny Tox, a fresh newsletter filled with my personal tips and tricks. Through my own experiences, I have learned what does and doesn't work, and I aim to use my knowledge to assist you in navigating various aspects of life, including love, fitness, family, and beyond.

Love Tanya ❤️

How to use our sauna belt

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  • Real life advice.

    I don’t know about you lovelies, but I’m tired of sites and blogs that are out of touch with real people and real life! I started Skinny Tox to write about tips, tricks and advice that don't break the bank...

  • Support & community

    Life can be so tricky, whether it's day to day, rising living costs or more. So we should support and help each other where we can. I wanted to create platforms where I can support you all, and where we can all support each other!

  • Exclusive access & discounts.

    I select my favourite current picks every week for you, from the best of, to the biggest savings.. You’ll also have access to our discounts and exclusive products before anyone else…

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