How to burn calories without doing cardio...

How to burn calories without doing cardio...

Exercise should be fun!

If I say to myself I’m going to wake up and go on a 5k run tomorrow - guess what? It doesn’t happen, because I bloody hate running! But there’s loads of ways to stay fit without forcing yourself to go for a run in the rain when you hate every second…

1. Try out a Sauna Belt
A Sauna Belt is so easy to throw on during a workout, walking, doing things around the house, or even when you're sat at home. The thermal belt heats the area, increasing sweat output and also helping to sculpt and tone the stomach. 

2. Lift weights frequently
When you’re actually lifting weights, the numbers aren’t as high as the ones I’ve already said - from around 80 to 250 calories per half hour if you’re going hard. But having more muscle mass increases your metabolism and helps you to burn fat more constantly and quicker. It sounds hard work, but there’s so many 6 or 8 minute 

3. Clean the house
You can burn up to 600 calories whilst cleaning the house - and it’s also so good for my brain when my house is clean at the end. Turn on your favourite tunes, put on some clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, and get stuck in! Get a sweat on and you’ll be getting the feel-good endorphins, having fun and burning those calories..

4. Go for a walk
Walking or hiking up the peaks is such an easy way to essentially do cardio easily, burning up to nearly 400 calories per hour! Plus nature always makes me feel great. You can take it as slow or as fast as you want. The faster you go the more calories you’ll burn, but even slow walks are amazing for fat burning and your metabolism.

5. Have a sauna 
This one shocked me a lot but saunas are actually amazing to burn calories. You can burn between 300 to 600 calories in 30 minutes. Experts estimate that the high heat of a sauna will boost your metabolic rate by roughly 20%, meaning your metabolism is basically supercharged and that fat will be burning. Just remember to keep drinking the h20 as you don’t want to turn into a dehydrated prune!

On the whole it’s more about lifestyle choices if you want to feel good and shift those pounds. 

Take the stairs, walk to the shop - all of these are changes that will make you feel better and help you burn calories without going on a marathon run every morning!! Stick to workouts that are fun and use these tips to burn those calories…

Love Tanya ❤️

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