The ultimate smoothie to make you feel great

The ultimate smoothie to make you feel great

It can be so hard to wake up in the morning, and the amount of times I reach for an unhealthy quick fix is unreal. But this smoothie is quick, easy and packed full of incredible superfoods and antioxidants to help you start your day off right…

DIETARY INFO: Gluten-free
PREP TIME: 5 min

The benefits of each nourishing ingredient…

Blueberries - rich in antioxidants 
Banana - rich in nutrients 
Strawberries - to lower blood pressure 
Raspberries - provides potassium
Oats - loaded with vitamins and minerals
Spinach - packed with iron
Peanut butter - the ultimate clean protein 
Manuka honey- anti-inflammatory 
Cannabis oil - to calm and relax
Oat milk - lactose free and full of B vitamins

1 banana 
A small handful of blueberries 
A small handful of strawberries
A small handful of raspberries 
A heaped tablespoon of oats
A handful of spinach 
A tablespoon of peanut butter 
A teaspoon of manuka honey
8 drops of CBD oil
A splash of oat milk


  1. Into a blender, break your banana into pieces, then adding the berries. 
  2. Add the tablespoon of oats, then the peanut butter, manuka honey and CBD oil.
  3. Add your spinach and ice towards the top of the blender cup so they blend easily.
  4. Pour in your oat milk, depending on how liquid you want your smoothie. Blend away!
  5. Sip and enjoy!

Top tip - freezing your berries means that they stay fresh, you don’t have to worry about forgetting about them and them going mouldy (which I do ALL the bloody time!) plus it makes your smoothie nice and cold...

Top tip - The more liquid a smoothie is, the quicker it goes through your bloodstream, so I like to make mine nice and thick, as a dropping blood sugar later on can make me reach for something unhealthy!

Watch my vid to see how I do it...


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