Start To Unleash Your Dream Abs in Just 10 Days!

Start To Unleash Your Dream Abs in Just 10 Days!

Get ready to transform your midsection with our Skinnytox 10 Kick Start Your Abs Challenge! Join us for 10 days of expert guidance, innovative workouts, and nutrition tips designed to sculpt your abs like never before. Say goodbye to belly fat and hello to a toned, strong core. 💪

Day 1 

First day we want you to hold a plank for as long as you can, we're doing it for 30 seconds lovelies ❤️ make sure you have the right posture by having your legs apart, core nice and tight, and your back straight. We want you to do 5 reps of 30 seconds lovelies ❤️

Day 2 

Today it's 5 sets of 12 reverse crunches. When you bring your legs in, make sure you squeeze your core, and when you go out make sure you stretch out your core. This one burns your abs lovelies ❤️

Day 3

Today it's a Side Plank, hold it for as long as you can or join in for 30 seconds, you can elevate Side Plank or Side Plank With Leg Lift  - whichever you feel comfortable doing lovelies ❤️

Day 4

Today it's ab crunches - make sure you keep your core tight. See if you can do 12 reps of 9 - that would mean you can get over 100 crunches done lovelies ❤️


Day 5

You’re half way lovelies ❤️ Today, 50 leg raises!  Keep your hands down by your side, raise your legs up and down, keep your legs straight and tighten your core. 

You can make it a little easier if you can put your hands under your bum while doing the leg raises…

Day 6

It’s Day 6 and it's Russian Twists (or Side Twists). To make it harder you can raise your legs, or use a weight or something heavy in your house! We are doing 24 reps today lovelies ❤️

Day 7

It’s Day 7 and it's Scissor Kicks, this really fires up your lower abs. To make it harder you sit more upright and do the scissor movement. We are doing 24 reps today lovelies ❤️

Day 8

It’s Day 8 and it's Full Sit Ups! Start laying flat on the floor, upright, with your head above you and your feet on the floor. Just 12 of these lovelies, they are so good for the mum tum ❤️ 

Day 9

It’s Day 9 and today it’s mountain climbers. If you don't have the workout sliders, you can use tea towels and mop the floor like we did on Tanya’s Body Goals in lock down! This is so good for the waist. Set the timer for 30 seconds ❤️ 


Day 10

It’s Day 10, at last the final day! Today is static leg raisers! Hold up your legs at a 45 degree angle for 12 seconds, then switch to 12 reps in and out. Finish the set with single leg raisers for 24 reps - that’s 12 reps on each leg's lovelies ❤️ Comment and let us know how many sets you can do..

Boost your progress today! Tanya is posting everyday on her @tanyasbodygoals Instagram page! Grab your band and let’s get involved!

Tanya and the Skinnytox Team x

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