Tanya's top tips for building your dream six pack…

Tanya's top tips for building your dream six pack…

Build your dream six pack in six steps..

I’ve learnt a lot from all my years in the industry working with different nutritionists and PT’s, as well as from mates and colleagues. And who says creating abs has to be hard or overcomplicated? You all know that I love a quick, easy and cheap hack. So here’s my foolproof guide that won’t say to break the bank on expensive gym memberships or certain expensive products…

Cut down on processed foods and sugars, including booze..
Replace with food as whole as possible, such as wholewheat grains, veg, fruit and lots of lean protein. Booze and sugar inflame our body, give us empty calories, and increase chemicals that make us want to eat more. All of this means even if you’re working towards a six pack, if you’re not watching your intake of processed food and sugar, you might not even be able to see the results!

Lift weights!
The more muscle on your whole body the more defined every part of your body is. The more muscle on your body, the higher your metabolic rate is too, which means even when you’re doing nothing, you’ll still be burning calories and building muscle. It’s just a myth that lifting weights will make you bulky - it would take a whole lot of weights to do that!

Get hydrated
Drinking enough water on a list is enough to make our eyes roll from how much we see it - but that’s for a reason! Staying hydrated means you’ll be less bloated and being dehydrated could even be causing a backup or your insides, all of which will be making your tummy more bloated than sculpted. Feeling rubbish from all your cells being thirsty is also not going to help you want to do your best in your workout!

Get enough sleep
Not getting enough sleep results not only in the increase of the hunger hormone leptin which encourages us to reach for fast food fixes to help our energy, but also can encourage belly fat to stick to the stomach area. It can increase the stress hormone cortisol, which studies have shown can essentially make us feel like we do when we’re hungover, making us much rather have a Maccies than do sit ups…

Eat lots of anti-inflammation and antioxidant rich foods
Such as green tea, blueberries, oats, kombucha, Greek Yoghurt and more! The less inflammation in your body the better you’ll feel and look - meaning those abs you’re working on are going to be way more visible. These foods are also great for helping you stay full for longer, meaning you won’t binge on unhealthy snacks that aren’t as good for your ab goals.

Check out my workout below for a six minute ab blast!

There’s a lot of rubbish out there about how to build your dream six pack, but these tips are the ones I always come back to. Stay away from the fads and stick to the tried and tested when it comes to abs - trust me!

Love Tanya ❤️

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