About Us

All things Skinny Tox…

I wanted to answer some questions that you all had about what Skinny Tox is, what it’s about, what it’s going to include, and how you get involved! These are all taken from real questions from my lovely followers, so have a read and I hope you’re going to love Skinny Tox as much as I do…

What is Skinny Tox…

This is my baby, and it is all about things that I have tried, tested and loved.. It’s not just about losing weight and workouts, it’s about meditation, day to day, happiness, tasty food, looking after yourself - it’s about so much but most of all it’s about everything to make our lives better. I am well aware that life is even more tricky than usual right now, so I think it’s such a great time to support each other and look after ourselves.  

What does Skinny Tox mean..

I just kind of came up with the name, I am just a bit random like that which you know lovelies! I’ve done a lot of unhealthy things in my pursuit of being healthy and being the size that I’m most comfortable at, so this brand is centered on fitness and feeling good, without doing crazy things that are bad for us! I’ve also been really focused on nutrition and putting stuff into my body that makes me feel good - which is why the ‘Tox’ stands for ‘Detox’. It’s about being the best you can be, but really healthily! 

How much does it cost?

It’s all completely free, from the blogs, the website, the exercise plans, the meditations, the recipes - all of it! Because life is bloody expensive enough, so I wanted to make every bit of this free and accessible! There’s no future hidden costs or expensive memberships on the horizon either!

What is it going to include?

Skinny Tox is going to be made up of an email newsletter, a blog, an online archive of everything from meditation and workout videos, to my new favourite buys, as well as my amazing Instagram community - where I’ll be posting my favourite tips every day! We’ve also got exciting things coming in the future, where you’ll be first to know about our exclusive products and discounts…

Is it really you behind the brand? 

Yes! This is my baby and I’m putting a lot of love and passion into it, because I know what it feels like to not feel your best and I know how tough not just life, but your own head, can be.

I’m going to be getting some help from some of my best friends - you’ll see them pop up in workout vids and more, but this is 100% me and my voice behind Skinny Tox! 

I’m so excited for you all to join me on this journey! This is going to be a lot of fun - let’s enjoy moving towards feeling great and living life to the fullest, together. Love, T x